New documentary unveils untold details of Baku Pogroms





A new documentary “A Century-Long Genocide: Black January of Baku” was presented in Yerevan today. The documentary is produced within the framework of the “Ordinary Genocide” project and is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Armenian pogroms in Baku. The film is based on interviews with refugees from Baku, recorded by a project crew in the United States. Yet, only a small part of those witness accounts is used in the documentary, leaving full body of evidence to be published in a separate volume in summer 2015.

The leading conceptual idea of the film is the tangible connection between those events in the early 20th century in the Ottoman Empire with what has been perpetrated against Armenians in Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh. The stories old by refugees unveil a lot more previously untold details of pogroms in Baku. These accounts leave no doubt that violence and killing of Armenians began in Baku right after Sumgait, and January 1990 was just the culmination of genocide and expulsion of 250,000-strong Armenian population off Baku.

The documentary is translated into English and is expected to be translated into other languages in the future.

“A Century-Long Genocide: Black January of Baku” is the sixth documentary produced within the framework of the “Ordinary Genocide” project implemented by the Information and Public Relations Center of the Administration of the President of Armenia. The film will premiere on Armenia TV tonight.

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