Man pulls gun on a crowd commemorating Hrant Dink in Malatya

At the commemoration rally held in Malatya, an unidentified young man pulled a gun on the group. Police intervened before he could fire the weapon, Agos reports.

According to the report of the Doğan News Agency, the rally organized on the 8th anniversary of journalist Hrant Dink’s passing began in front of the Girls’ Vocational School. A group of around 100 people, mostly composed of Eğitim-Sen (Union of Education Workers) carrying carnations and photographs of Hrant Dink began marching towards the Çavuşoğlu Neighbourhood where Hrant Dink was born.

Just when the group had reached the intersection at Turgut Temelli Street, an unidentified young man pulled a gun from his waist and pointed it at the group. Police officers following the rally overpowered the man and removed his weapon. The man was detained.

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