David Babayan: International community should take a harsher stance on Azerbaijani aggression





The subversive incursion attempts on the part of Azerbaijan are not unprecedented, Spokesman for the NKR President David Babayan told Public Radio of Armenia. According to him, Azerbaijan is a subversive, fascist state by nature, while fascist states always resort to such aggressive steps.

“As a result, a unique situation has been established, in which the Aliyev clan has made Armenia and Artsakh the target of its aggression on the outer front, at the same time robbing its people and persecuting the political activists at home,” Babayan said.

“With such policy the rival tries to terrorize Artsakh and the Republic of Armenia, to show Armenians that living in frontline settlements is dangerous,” he added.

Babayan did not rule out that this way of action would continue, but added that attempts would fail. “We must be united to prove that we are stronger. The Nagorno Karabakh Republic has applied to the OSCE. President Bako Sahakyan met with the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Andrzej Kasprzyk yesterday and told him that such behavior of Azerbaijan poses a threat not only to the regional situation, but also the whole international community, therefore, it’s necessary to take harsher steps.”

“We rely upon our forces to struggle against the rival, but the mediating countries should also adopt a harsh policy on the issue,” the Spokesman said.

According to David Babayan, the incursion attempts on the night of January 20 against the background of the brutal killing spree in Gyumri were not accidental. “Instability leads to aggression on the part of the enemy,” he said.

“The rival makes use of these developments. It sees that the Gyumri events have shocked Armenia and Artsakh, and uses the opportunity to launch an insult,” Babayan said.

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