Mysterious answers of simple questions

Armine Gevorgyan

Public Radio of Armenia

The brutal slaughter perpetrated on January 12 in Gyumri will remain in our memories forever. The family of Avetisyans couldn’t even imagine that the 12th of January would be the last day of their lives.

When the terrible murder was revealed, the first two questions were “Who?” and “Why?” What was the motive of killing an innocent family of 6 leaving the last member of it – 6-month infant Seryozha Avetisyan – struggling for his life after being stabbed in the chest?

It turned out that the massacres was made by a Russian soldier Valeri Permyakov.  Different versions were circulated suggested for that inhuman act, none of them, though, was fixed as final.

Spontaneous rallies in Yerevan and Gyumri ensued, demanding that Permyakov be tried and serve his sentence in Armenia.  The passion of protestors grew when the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia, Gevorg Kostanyan informed that Permyakov’s case will be investigated by Russian law enforcement bodies. The angry marchers gathered in front of the 102nd Russian military base, where Permyakov served, calling the base’s commandant in charge to appear in front of the crowd. They warned the law enforcement bodies to carry out their demand and bring Permyakov to the Armenian law in 22 hours; otherwise, they pledged to keep going on their march outside the prosecutor’s office at the deadline hour.

On January 16, Gevorg Kostanyan appeared with a statement, that the murderer will be charged under the Jurisdiction of the republic of Armenia. However this statement was not persuading enough and people didn’t believe that Permyakov is on the territory of Armenia. The passion of protestors hushed after the Deputy of Prosperous Armenia (Bargavach Hayastan) Party, Martun Grigoryan informed that one of protestors’ demands was fulfilled – they managed to see the conscript of Russian 102nd military base, Valery Permyakov.

Recall, the Russian soldier and brutal assassin was charged under the Article 105, paragraph 2 and paragraph 2 of the Article 338 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder and desertion).

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