Rally in Gyumri: People demand to hand over Permyakov to the Armenian side

People in Gyumri gathered in front of the Russian military base #102, demanding to hand over Russian soldier Valery Permyakov to the Armenian law-enforcement bodies.

Prosecutor of Shirak Province Raffi Aslanyan arrived at the site. He said the gathering at the Russian military base is in no way conducive to the case and urged the citizens to move to the Prosecutor’s Office or the Police.

Under the pressure of the public, Raffi Aslanyan called Gevorg Kostanyan, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia. The latter said consultations are currently under way and will continue tomorrow morning. Kostanyan promised to provide information after the talks.

The participants of the rally decided to set 5 p.m. as a deadline for proclamation of the decision.

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