Armenian student Michael Asaturyan killed in Marseille

Armenian Michael Asaturyan, a 16-year-old high-school student, was killed outside his school Monday, January 12 in Marseille in an altercation, Le Monde reports.

“There was an exchange of insults and a fight,” said the prosecutor Brice Robin.

“It’s terrible, it’s a 16 year old boy who was murdered at the school gate, in this case the vocational school Camille Jullian, located in the 11th arrondissement of Marseille,” reacted MP Valérie Boyer, who visited the site in the late afternoon.

The Coordination Council of Armenians in France (CCAF) in the southern region, condemn this tragedy and calls the court to act quickly. “This premeditated murder, follows many anti-Armenian actions, and casts doubt on the nature of the attack,” the Council said in a statement.

“This tragedy highlights a climate of tension that prevails more in our neighborhoods, and our young sadly become the victims. This young man by his exemplary voluntary commitment only wanted to live a peaceful life and serve his district and city,” the statement reads.

A tribute to the memory of Michael Asaturyan will be held at 19:30 at the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral in Marseille.

According to the information of La Province, a young man of 17, one of the suspects in stubbing  Mikael Asaturyan, was arrested in the morning.

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