New Year’s Message of His Holiness Karekin II

It is the festive day of New Year. We extend Our Pontifical love and blessings from the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to you dear faithful people of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora.

The year 2015 opens with a sanctifying light in our lives. We are going to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. On April 23 we will place our innocent martyrs among the Saints. We will re-evaluate the deeds of our martyred sons, who did not deny Christ; and the Homeland and nation is witness to this sanctity of the highest example of commitment. We will carry out the sacred ceremony of the pomegranate-blessing, so that our faithful life will be brightened and strengthened with divine grace and our nation’s children throughout the world, under the patronage and protection of God, will live in love and unity, and in peace, security and prosperity.

On the Eve of the New Year, we once again offer praise unto the Lord that our nation with their power of faith have the strength to overcome trials and tribulations of the times, reinforce our statehood, and surmount Artsakh’s battle with victory and build her future. We have good wishes and goals to strengthen our Homeland with a spirit of optimism, protect our just rights, and make our national life prosperous and bright.

The world is rebellious today: trepidation, crisis, conflicts – which also affect our country and people. Problems and challenges exist in our national life. Peace on our borders is unstable. The responsibility of keeping our homeland secure, our borders protected, our state and public life in peace, and enriching the lives of our people, falls upon us all. With God, fraternal love, mutually supportive and united, with the spirit of reconciliation and peace and through joint efforts; we will be sable to overcome the difficulties and challenges, recording achievements and successes, and fulfill all the virtuous aspirations cherished in our hearts.

This year is sacramental with sanctifying light. This year is an invitation to national revival; it is a call to spiritual renovation and purification, and is a symbol of our commitment and a commandment of love and faith. Let us strengthen in our vocation and service, bring our dedication and efforts to the nation, Homeland, and our Holy Church, and grant to our children a flourishing and developing country and a national life strong with Christian values.

We extend our prayers to the Almighty that our Armenian nation remains under the Lord’s blessings and graces and be far from hardships, and may God’s support and comfort of the Holy Spirit be solace to all the disheartened and people in sorrow. And may the Lord’s Holy Right Hand protect our children defending our Homeland, and all those who are serving the nation during this festive time.

We raise a prayer for people suffering from conflicts and wars, and the difficulties of our sons living in the Middle East and Ukraine, asking that peace and security be established in their lives.

Our beloved children, we wish peace, love and prosperity to the world, our people worldwide, our Homeland and your families. A good year to all of you, and let God’s abundant blessings be in your life and hopes. “Rejoice in hope, think of the good, be united, keep peace with each other” (Romans 12:12, 16-18).

Happy New Year!

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