AGMI has published the Russian translation of “From Dardanelles to Palestine” by Sarkis Torosian

The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute has published in Russian the memories of Sarkis Torosian, an Armenian officer of the Ottoman Army.

The memories narrate the odyssey of the Armenian officer in the Ottoman Army who passed across the horrors of WWI. Unexpected changes of events and figures, and presenting the history of Armenian Genocide from totally unexplored point makes the narration of Sarkis Torosian more interesting and exciting, which leaves an indelible impression on readers.

The story of Sarkis Torosian is not just memories, but unique monument and living testimony of the Armenian Genocide. Being a participant in Dardanelle battle; one of the bloodiest sessions of the war, Sarkis Torosian was awarded by the Ottoman Government. Nevertheless his family and relatives were exiled and brutally murdered by the same government.

The story of eyewitness-author is about rapidly developed events in European and Middle Eastern military and political fronts, mixed with the drama of his personal adventures and experiences.

The hero did not survive the genocide, however he remained a victim of one of the greatest crimes of the twentieth century, which is the Armenian Genocide prepared and carried out by the Ottoman Government.

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