AGMI has published the first issue of “International Journal for Armenian Genocide Studies”

kazm ANGLThe Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute has published the first issue of academic peer-review journal in English.

Director of AGMI and the chief editor of the journal Hayk Demoyan says: “At the threshold of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide the publication of this journal can be conceived as a long term initiative enabling the next generation of genocide scholars to develop new insights and research approaches in the study of all genocides and their consequences. IJAGS aims to secure a firm place in the global fight against the crime of the genocide and the scourge and grave danger of denial. IJAGS will fight against denial of any genocide. We envision this endeavor as part of the challenge of establishing early warnings and working towards prevention for the sake of global security”.

According to deputy Director of AGMI and editor of reviews of the journal Suren Manukyan, the publication of this journal is to promote the academic study of the Armenian Genocide. It is a double anonymous peer-reviewed journal; each article has passed the examination of two famous experts of the area and fits all the requirements for international academic journal.

“International Journal of Armenian Genocide Studies” publishes articles and reviews related to the Armenian Genocide and other genocides in general. The preference is given to articles related to history, political science, anthropology, sociology, literature and law. Articles of other themes will also be included in this journal, if they are somehow related to the genocide studies.

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