Turkey’s provocations will continue into 2015: Hayk Demoyan

Aida Avetisyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Turkey will keep on with its provocative actions, especially ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute (AGMI) Hayk Demoyan told reporters today. According to him, the processes aimed at frustrating the events prepared by the Armenian side for 2015 are already apparent.

“There are attempts to neutralize the influence of events organized by the Armenian agencies or the Diaspora. The second policy, which we conditionally call ‘penetration attempt,’ is the organization of parallel events in Armenia and Diaspora by Turkish historians and people under Turkish influence,” Demoyan said. Among the examples he noted the presentation of Hasan Cemal’s book in Yerevan and Paris.

He said the provocations will continue into 2015, and added that our compatriots in the Diaspora have a serious work to do in this regard. He urged to be cautious of Turkish traps ahead of the Genocide centennial.

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