Artsakh has not applied for EEU membership: David Babayan

Hasmik Martirosyan
Public Radio of Armenia

“Artsakh has hot applied for EEU membership,” NKR President’s Spokesman David Babayan said. The comments come after Belarusian First Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Mikhnevich declared that Nagorno Karabakh would not become part of the Eurasian Economic Union.

“We were concerned about the fact that the territories that do not form part of Armenia could join the Customs Union. The Armenian side appeared to be understanding of this requirement, of our request. A memorandum stating that Nagorno-Karabakh is not part of Armenia was attached to the agreement. The Armenian side made an official verbal statement,” Alexander Mikhnevich said.

“The Republic of Armenia joins the EEU as the Republic of Armenia, which we are not part of,” Babayan said.

“It’s natural that we’re not joining the Union. We have not applied for membership, and we are not recognized by any of its member states,” Babayan said. He added, however, that it does not mean there will be a customs checkpoint between Armenia and Artsakh. “Things will remain as they are,” he said.

According to David Babayan, Armenia is a member of a number of international organizations, and this has never had a negative influence on Artsakh. “In this case, if someone in Belarus or any other country thinks there might be problems from the economic point of view, that’s wrong. Artsakh’s economy is too small to have a positive or negative influence on the common economy of EEU member states,” the Spokesman noted.

David Babyan is not optimistic about the perspectives of settlement of the Karabakh conflict in 2015, as “the behavior of the rival does not provide bases to believe that the year will pass without incidents.”

“2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and they will try to destabilize the situation. In any case we’ll be able to give a worthy response, to defend our independence and freedom. We never think the rival can have an advantage,” Babakayn said.

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