Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan pays working visit to Lori Province

Karen Ghazaryan

“Public Radio of Armenia”

The construction of 3.7 km Teghut highwaywas realized through the state budget. AMD 522 billion 800 thousand was granted by the “Program for the construction of roads of state significance”. The main beneficiaries are the company “Manes-Valex”, as well as the communities of Shnogh and Teghut.

The President of “Valex” group, Valery Mejlumyan voiced conviction that the exploitation of the factory will play a significant for the economic life both for this region and for the Republi of Armenia as a whole.  According to him they also have their visions and plans concerning the region, such as building a rest complex in 1-2 years.

Robert Diky, the expert from USA and the head of the production operations of Theghut factory mentioned that he has been working for 6 months there and considered this step a right one aimd at the development of the country and the welfare of the people.


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