Armenians invent a devise to print photos from Instagram

Russia-based Armenians Tos Movsisyan and Artem Germeryan have invented a device that prints photos from Instagram, which has no analogue in the world, Russian Vedomosti reports.

Instagram is the most positive social network. Photos on Instagram always express emotions. That’s why Tos Movsisyanfrom Moscow and Artem Germeryan, a resident of Saint Petersburg, decided to materialize them.

They created the Boft devise, which prints square photos immediately form the user’s profile, and the profile opens on a large touch screen. The printing of two photos costs 50 rubles. Four and 20 photos will cost 100 and 500 rubles respectively.

The two met at the Lappeenranta University of Technology, where the students were sent to study by their universities. “Where else could two Russian-speaking Armenians meet, if not in Finland?” Movsisyan jokes.

Movsisyan and Germeryan invested $200 000 in the business. They spent over a year to develop the software and the devise itself and to find a company that would agree to produce the necessary equipment.

There are currently 10 Boft devises installed in Moscow trade center, and another three in Saint Petersburg. The entrepreneurs intend to install 150 devises all over Russia in 2015 and hope to reach the US market.

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