Russian-Turkish nuclear deals contain risks for Armenia: political scientist

Karen Ghazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

The agreements reached during Russian Presidnet Vladimir Putin’s visit to Turkey envisage inevitable strategic changes in the region, political scientist Sergey Shakaryants told reporters today. He considers the agreements reached in the sphere of nuclear energy contain risks for Armenia.

Energy and Syria were high on the agenda of the Putin-Erdogan talks. According to Shakaryants, the Russian-Turkish nuclear deal is the most worrisome and contains risks for the interests of Armenia and neighboring Iran.

Along with threats, the old partners will not be forgotten, either. “It’s clear that this is a big game, which is seriously linked to security. For this very reason the superpowers are constantly competing for establishing control over the nuclear sphere in a certain country. This was the reason behind all noise over the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant in Metsamor.”

Shergey Shakaryan is confident the Karabakh issue was not torched upon during the Putin-Erdogan meeting, as all issues were put aside except for energy and Syria.

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