Armenian Genocide bill brought to Turkish Parliament

Sebahat Tuncel, member of the Turkish Parliament representing the Peoples’ Democratic Party has submitted a bill, urging President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to publicly apologize for the Armenian Genocide, Ermenihaber.am reports, quoting Turkish Ensonhaber website.

According to the bill, the Turkish President has to voice the apology from the Parliament floor. The next day the President will have to read out the text of apology in one of the sites of the slaughter. Thereafter a parliamentary commission should be formed within a year, which should be provided access to all state archives.

The bill also suggest to declare April 24 a day of mourning and provide moral and material reimbursement.

The Turkish MP of Kurdish descent mentions the massacres of Dersim, Marash, Svas and Curum along with the Armenian Genocide.

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