Raffi Hovhannisyan speaks at EPP session, calls for recognition of Artsakh’s right to liberty

Raffi K. Hovannisian is in the Belgian capital to represent Armenia’s Heritage Party at the autumn session, being held on 17-18 November, of the Political Assembly of the European People’s Party.

Hovannisian took the floor a couple of times to address the delegates gathered from sister parties across the continent about the state of democracy in Armenia and Europe’s mixed record on support of the rule of law, constitutional rights, free and fair elections, legitimate government and good governance, and human dignity in the country.

In urging the EPP to live up to its own standards, he also underscored the imperatives of safeguarding Armenia’s sovereignty against all threats foreign and domestic; recognizing Nagorno Karabakh Republic’s (Artsakh’s) right to liberty and self-determination; and reaffirming, condemning and demanding redemption for the Genocide and Great National Dispossession of the Armenian people before its 100th anniversary in April 2015.

Separately, at EPP headquarters, President Joseph Daul received Raffi Hovannisian for a full discussion of common challenges relating to Armenia and Europe, as well as to the Heritage Party and the European People’s Party.

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