Devoted couple married for 65 years die minutes apart ‘because they couldn’t bear to be separated’

A devoted couple married for 65 years died minutes apart ‘because they couldn’t bear to be separated.’

He was a dashing D-Day veteran and she a blushing bride in white when they vowed to love each other in sickness and in health, the Daily Mail reports.

For 65 years Harry and Mavis Stevenson stayed true to that promise, and when she died just 48 hours after her 89th birthday, he could not bear to be without her. 88-year-old Mr Stevenson died within minutes of his beloved wife after they spent their last night holding hands while they slept in a care home.

The couple from Derby refused to be separated throughout their life. When Mrs Stevenson’s health deteriorated, her husband insisted on moving into the care home as well so he could be with her. Mr Stevenson was in better health than his wife and relatives were not expecting his death on November 3.

The couple met at a social club aged 16 and began courting before Harry signed up to fight in the Second World War on his 17th birthday in 1943. They married in 1949.

The couple’s joint funeral is due to take place on Thursday.

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