ANCA urges White House to condemn Azerbaijan’s downing of unarmed helicopter flying over Nagorno Karabakh

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee has condemned the latest attack by Azerbaijan and is urging the international community to take appropriate measures to condemn Azerbaijan and its continued military aggression.

“While the Minsk Group Co-Chairs appear to appreciate the gravity of Azerbaijan’s aggression – as reflected in their welcome expression of ’serious concern’ over Baku’s fatal attack on this helicopter, the OSCE’s public response once again falls back into the deeply flawed pattern of placing equal blame on both sides for hostility that all the world knows is being directed by one man – Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan,” said Armenian National Committee of America Executive Director Aram Hamparian.

The ANCA also urged the White House to condemn the attack on the unarmed helicopter.

“The Obama Administration must forcefully condemn Azerbaijan’s downing of an unarmed helicopter flying over Nagorno Karabakh, cut off all military aid to Baku and scale back bilateral contacts until President Aliyev ceases his aggression against Artsakh and Armenia. Our White House needs to give up on the long-ago discredited idea that there is some sort of parity between the parties. The facts are clear, and should guide U.S. policy: Artsakh is a democracy offering its hand in peace; Azerbaijan is a dictatorship escalating its anti-Armenian aggression. America should stand on the side of peace and democracy,” said Hamparian.

The ANCA has initiated a video call to action to secure additional statements from Congress in this regard.

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