The woman who earns £10,000 a year by entering online competitions

Bargain hunter Holly Smith pulls in more than £10,000 each year in prizes – by spending hours a day entering online competitions, the Daily Mail reports.

Ms Smith, 28, suffers from a rare stomach condition and has recurring bone tumours which have left her hospitalised in the past.

But to help support her working husband and two children, she spends hours each day trawling the internet for competitions and cash saving coupons – entering as many as 800 competitions a day.

She said: ‘All in all I reckon I bring in £10,000 each year from competitions. I even have a note book at the side of my bed in case I wake in the night thinking about a coupon I haven’t tried.’

So far, she has won a trip to Gran Canaria through a Kellogg’s competition worth £2,500 and her £70,000 haul of goodies also includes fridge freezers, washing machines, TVs, games consoles and concert tickets.

Other prizes have included a three year supply of toothpaste, a six month supply of toilet paper and a five star trip to the Isle of Man worth £2000.

The money she saves helps subsidise husband Callum’s income as a massage therapist and many of the prizes she wins she donates to charities including the Salvation Army.

Even her own wedding was subsidised by her love of coupons and competitions. She won supermarket vouchers which paid for the wedding desserts, she won £1,000 cash toward the reception and hired a luxury wedding car for £40 which normally cost £250 for two days.

Ms Smith started entering competitions when she was just 21 years old after being diagnosed with a a rare condition called Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction that only affects around 1,000 people in the UK and causes spasms in the muscles that control the flow of bile into the digestive system.

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