Award winner to document 100km tribute

The 100km Tribute organizing team has announced that award winning documentarian Peter Musurlian will be producing a short movie about the walkers, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders who will be honoring the martyrs of the Armenian Genocide on Thanksgiving weekend through a 100km tribute, reports Asbarez.

 Musurlian will cross paths with the Tribute’s participants as they walk through the San Gabriel Mountains on trails and fire roads, ride through the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, East Los Angeles, and finally arrive at the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument in Montebello’s Bicknell Park.

“We asked Peter to come aboard as the 100km Tribute’s documentarian because he’s very good at presenting important issues in a clear and understandable way,” explained Yolanda Davidian, lead coordinator of the Tribute. “We’re sure that our walking and riding to pay homage to the tremendous suffering of our ancestors will come through in a meaningful and interesting story as told by our participants.”Peter is a USC journalism-school alumnus, currently working at The Burbank Channel, who has racked up an impressive set of accomplishments. He has reported from or worked in 20 states and 14 countries (from Central America to Africa and the Armenian Plateau). Over the course of his career, he has often worked solo and under difficult conditions such as hiking the hinterlands of Turkish occupied Armenia, reporting on Burbank’s sister city in Botswana, or exposing an unscrupulous politician’s actions. His prolific productions have led to seven Los Angeles Area Emmy nominations, 14 RTNA Golden Mike Awards, and a Los Angeles Area Emmy.

The documentary will be sent to various outlets in the hope of showing it around the time of the April 2015 Genocide centennial.

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