Osman Baydemir: It is impossibe to travel to Armenia and not visit the Public Radio

Aida Avetisyan

“Public Radio of Armenia”

Former Mayor of the Turkish city of Diyarbekir, Osman Baydemir, who is of Kurdish origin, fulfilled his dream by visiting Armenia, Armenian Genocide Memorial and the Museum-Institute, as well as Public Radio of Armenia.

He confessed that the Museum-Institute of Armenian Genocide is the center of the human conscience. Baydemir, who was too excited, could hardly hide his emotions: “How can one kill a person, a pregnant woman or a child? It is impossible to understand how the state can turn murder into an ideology.”

Baydemir mentioned that a century old history repeated today regarding the Kurds in Kobani where the ISIS militants spread death and sorrow.

The delegation from Diyarbekir also visited Public Radio of Armenia, got acquainted with the work of the Department of Kurdish programs, transmissions, which have been and area vital source for the Kurds living in Turkey.

As Osman Baydemir mentioned, as a son of Kurdish nation, it was also an obligation for him to visit Armenia, to breathe the air of Yerevan, to feel that atmosphere and enjoy the feeling of having the dream come true.

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