President Sargsyan attends the inauguration of the Armenian Church in Jordan

Hripsime Arakelyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The blessing ceremony of the Armenian St. Karept Church in Jordan started a few minutes ago.

Representatives of the local Armenian community welcomed President Serzh Sargsyan and his delegation at the entrance of the church with bread and salt.

Secretary General of the Religious Primacy and the Լocal National Council Nerses Nersesyan offered a welcome speech.

After that members of the delegation entered the Church and lit candles.

The religious service is currently under way at St. Karapet Armenian Church.

The Armenian community of Jerusalem with the support of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem undertook to build the church at the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ on the east bank of the Jordan River back in 2009.

The groundbreaking ceremony in 2009 featured religious leaders and representatives of the Armenian community.

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