GOOGLE strives to develop the current level of artificial intellect

The desire of Google to improve the current level of artificial intellect makes it moving forward, and recently the company announced that it is going to make a breaking step in the development in this direction. After purchasing DeepMind [London based AI developer] for $ 500 million this year, Google hinted that it is not enough.

The company intends to continue cooperating with the two best teams of Oxford on the Research of Artificial Intellect. Memebers of the first group are the leading experts on developing of systems for machines’ understanding of human language. At Google, they will try to teach machines to better understand what the user wants to say. The second team consists of experts and leading specialists in developing the vision systems of machines. Experts have created a Vision Factory, a company that is looking for methods to improve visual recognition systems through in-depth analysis of objects.

It is also worth menioning, that in the last few years Google has invested a lot in the development of robotics. If  to take into accout that these two domains – robotics and artificial intelligence – may have close correlation, then the of ours is likely to be fantastic.

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