Armen Amiryan: Coverage of the whole ultrashort wave band in Artsakh important

Lusine Avanesyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Representatives of over twenty radio and TV companies of Armenia participated in the conference on “Paths of Strengthening Cooperation between Television and Radio Companies of the Republic of Armenia and the Nagorno Karabagh Republic and Further Development of the Sphere” in Stepanakert.

During this second representative meeting held at the initiative of the Armenian Commission on Television and Radio and the NKR Public Services and Economic Competition Regulatory Commission Director of the Public Radio of Armenia Armen Amiryan stressed the importance of covering the whole ultrashort wave band in Artsakh. He spoke of the same issue last year, but the situation has not changed so far: Azerbaijani radio waves are reaching Artsakh without any obstacle.

The Public TV and Radio Companies of Nagorno Karabakh do not have their own frequencies and use the frequencies of the Public TV and Radio Companies of Armenia at certain hours.

The issue of access of Armenian broadcasters to NKR space was also on the agenda of the meeting. According to Armen Amiryan, the media outlets functioning in the Republic of Armenia could serve a good platform for popularizing Artsakh in all aspects by presenting the cultural life in Karabakh, its historical-cultural legacy, economy, etc.

The agreement on the broadcasting of ads about tourism in Artsakh could be seen as one of the rare practical steps in that direction. The commercials prepared by the Department of Tourism at the NKR Government were handed over to representatives of TV Companies.

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