Armenian virtual and real education: 3500 people studied at virtual university within 5 years

Sona Hakobyan

Aida Avetisyan

“Public Radio of Armenia”

Armenian virtual university is one of the leading institutions providing high-level online education. It offers armenological studies through modern technologies.  According to the Founder and President of the university, Yervand Zoryan, during the 5 years of its activities the university had over 3500 students from 73 countries. Mr. Zoryan mentioned that currently the majority of students (21%) are from the U.S.A. “The University provides opportunity to choose whether to learn the Armenian language in Western or in Eastern. Initially the percentage of students preferring the education of Western Armenian was higher, however later the number of those interested in Eastern Armenian increased thus bringing the share of students almost to 50-50%”.

This virtual university opens wide perspectives for all those who are interested in relevant education irrespective of age, place of residence or the level of knowledge. The university’s mission is to establish a virtual society, which will unite the Armenians worldwide.

Touching upon the issue of the language by which the Syrian-Armenians undergo their studies not in virtual but in real educational institutions and whether they face any problems related to the language, the  President of “Commission Coordinating Syrian-Armenians’ Issues” NGO, Lena Halajyan mentioned that the language problems and barriers are mainly erased. “I am glad to mention that the school children are getting adapted to the Eastern Armenian and overcome problems during their study quite easily. The only major problem for them still remains the scientific vocabulary; however the solution to this issue is just a matter of time.”

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