Armenian President likely to make final decision on constitutional reforms in February-March 2015

The Armenian President likely to make a final decision on draft concept of constitutional reforms in February-March, 2015, President’s Spokesman Arman Saghatelyan told Tert.am.

Tert.am: Mr Saghatelyan, on October 15, the Commission for Constitutional Reforms submitted a draft concept of constitutional reforms to the Armenian presidential staff. What are the further steps?

“Yes, the presidential staff received the draft concept of constitutional reforms. Since the Commission for Constitutional Reforms was formed, enormous work has been done, and the president thanked the Commission. The president also highly appreciates the Commission’s efforts to organize public discussions of the draft concept.

“We are also grateful to all the public and political figures and organizations, local government bodies, experts that have actively been involved in this all-important process.

“At present, we have a positive opinion by the Venice Commission. According to it, the draft concept ‘is based on a comprehensive legal analysis of the situation,’ and ‘the reform thus aims at bringing the country closer to the full realization of the values of the Council of Europe.’

“As regards further steps, they are envisaged by the president’s decree of September 4, 2013. It is up to the president to approve or reject the draft concept. No deadline has been set for that.

“On the other hand, since some of the issues incorporated in the draft concept contain an explicitly political component, further political discussions are expected. Therefore, the Armenian president is likely to make a definitive decision on the draft concept next February-March.”

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