Armies can be democratic in countries in “no war, no peace” situation: Armenian DM

Lusine Vasilyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The Armenian Ministry of Defense in cooperation with the OSCE Yerevan Office has organized a two-day workshop on the politico-military aspects of security. The workshop focuses on the transparency and accountability of the armed forces, prevention of corruption risks.

The event has brought together representatives of different international bodies – NATO, OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Geneva Center for Democratic Control of Armed Forces.

The main document on the agenda is NATO’s Building Integrity (BI) Programme, which Armenia joined in 2013. It provides practical tools to help participating countries strengthen integrity, transparency and accountability and reduce the risk of corruption in the defense and security sectors.

Speaking at the workshop, Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohnayan said Armenia’s joining the Programme and its effective cooperation with the OSCE in the field break the stereotype that the army of a country in “no war, no peace situation” cannot be democratic.

“I assert with confidence that we are breaking that stereotype. We consider that the army can be transparent and democratic even in a ‘half-war’ situation,” Minister Ohanyan said.

The BI Programme is tailored to meet national needs and requirements. It is demand-driven and participation is on a voluntary basis. It is open to all NATO Allies and partners.

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