Francois Hollande: Turkey must open borders with Syria

Turkey must by all means open borders with Syria to allow reinforcements to reach the town of Kobane, French President Francois Hollande stated on Tuesday.

“That town – Kobane – may at any moment fall into the hands of the terrorists. Turkey should absolutely open its border to help the Syrian Kurds defending the town,” France Press quoted Hollande as saying.

Kurdish groups have called on Turkey to allow its territory to be used for passing weapons to fighters defending Kobane.”

Syrian Kurds, who for several weeks confront the militants of the “Islamic State” in the city of Kobane (in Arabic Ain al-Arab), cannot receive military aid from Iraq due to the failure of the Turkish authorities to open a transit corridor. Within the frames of the campaign in support of the Kobane defenders regional authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan have decided to supply the town with ammunition for small arms and mortars. However, the consignment has not yet reached the town. At the moment, it is in the self-proclaimed Kurdish canton Jazeera and is blocked because Turkey “does not want to open a transit corridor for Kobane.”

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