A beginning, not an end: Alexander Iskandaryan about Armenia’s membership in the Eurasian Union

Armine Gevoryan
Public Radio of Armenia

The agreement on Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union signed on October 10 was no surprise to anyone. It was the start, not an end of a situation, the development of which depends exceptionally on the path of development of the Eurasian Economic Union, political scientist Alexander Iskandaryan told reporters today.

He said the scenarios of development are diverse, and each depends on the relations between Russia and the West, the developments around Kyrgyzstan’s accession and the situation in Ukraine.

As for NKR Prime Minister’s statement that Artsakh has not accepted Armenia’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Union unequivocally, Iskandaryan noted that the issue of a checkpoint between Armenia and Karabakh has not been discussed anywhere, but the press, it has not been written anywhere and has been a topic of internal discussions only.

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