Turkey should face its history, Alevi author says

sahinAnna Nazaryan
Public Radio of Armenia

The Armenian edition of Erdal Sahin’s book titled “Transformation of the hangman of 1915” has been published. The book was originally written in German and was later translated into Turkish.

The author, an Alevi, comes from Dersim. However, having lived in Germany, from early childhood he felt the derogation the Germans demonstrated against minorities. After he grew up, he understood it was the same Armenians felt under the Ottoman Empire.

The author of the book is confident that everyone should face its own history and this first of all refers to Turkey. “They also have to write their book of apology. Turkey has nothing else to say except for facing the history and accepting the genocide,” he said.

Note that the book tells about the Armenian Genocide. The author says he’s  also guilty of this dark page of the Armenian history.

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