DM Ohanyan meets Hakob Injighulyan, who recently returned from Azeri captivity

Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan received today Hakob Injighulyan and his family. The Defense Minister thanked Hakob for his courage and patriotic behavior.

Remind that Hakob Injighulyan was held captive in Azerbaijan for about a year and was sent to a third country. He returned to Armenia last week.

Injighulyan presented details of the inhumane attitude towards him, the psychological and physical pressures during the Azeri captivity.

The Defense Minister said he hopes Hakob will get rid of the horrors of captivity as soon as possible. He noted that the actions against Injighulyan come to prove that the Azerbaijani authorities have worked out a special policy to send captives to third countries through psychological pressures, tortures and threats to life. The policy aims to demonstrate that the service conditions in the Armenian Armed Forces and the NKR Defense Army are unbearable, and the return to Armenia is unwanted. “However, with his correct and reasonable steps Injighulyan – a common soldier of the Armenian Army – revealed the void of the Azerbaijani policy,” he said.

Seyran Ohanyan praised Hakob’s wish to return to military service even after the heavy sufferings. The Defense Minister instructed to consider the issue of Injighulyan’s further military service based on the results of medical examination and attributed greater importance to his education.

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