Publishers say will restore ignored values and reveal new facts ahead of Armenian Genocide centenary

Karen Ghazaryan
Satik Isahakyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Ahead of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide publishers in Armenia intend to re-publish  old books related to the topic and issue new ones.

Restoration and recirculation of ignored values and revealing of new facts: this is the result of the 4-year activity of the publishers.

Editor-in-chief of the “Antares” publishing house Arkmenik Nikoghosyan says they intend to publish an interesting series.

“In 1930s the Society of Friends of Martyred Writers in Paris, a group of French intellectuals, published the books of writers that fell victim to the Armenian Genocide,” Arkmenik Nikoghosyan said speaking to Public Radio of Armenia. “Antares” intends to re-publish the series not only in Armenian, he added.

The collection of works by martyred writer Ruben Zardaryan will also be published in the near future. His works were last published in Armenia in 1960s. Nikoghosyan said the research has revealed his works not known to wider public published in the press.

Another publication ahead of the genocide centenary will be the “Martyred writers” volume. When compiling the book the editors have taken into consideration the involvement of Western Armenian writers in literature at the time, rather than the values they have created.

Head of the Publishing Department of the Ministry of Culture Armen Avanesyan said, in turn, that a special task force set up at the Ministry is working on the final list of publications connected with the Armenian Genocide.

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