Churches in Germany to pray together on 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Council of Chricstian Churches Germany“Violence and terror in the name of religion cannot be justified by anything,” the Council of Christian Churches of Germany said in a statement adopted as a result of the General Assembly of the Council of Christian Churches in Magdeburg.

The delegates of the Council also called on their member churches to stand up for humane treatment of refugees. In addition, the Council requests to mark the 100th commemoration of the Armenian genocide in 2015 with church services and prayers.

“2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the genocide committed against the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, the General Assembly adopted a Declaration. “Even after almost a century, this event not only has a significant impact on the Armenian people, but also on the international community,” it says in the statement.

Although there are few survivors are left, the question of recognition of suffering and injustice remains urgent. The Council of Christian Churches encourages its member churches and communities to mark this commemoration with prayer and worship. Together with the World Council of Churches it invites individual churches to pray together on April 24, 2015.”

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