Armenian Parliament Speaker visits Georgia

Within the framework of the official visit to Georgia the delegation headed by Armenian Parliament Speaker Galust Sahakyan met with the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Georgia David Usupashvili.

Highly assessing the friendly relations of the two countries, the mutually beneficial cooperation, the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament expressed confidence that the centuries-old friendship of the two countries would further strengthened.

Touching upon the regional problems, David Usupashvili ensured that the Georgian authorities stand for the peaceful settlement of all disagreements. The Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia emphasized the preservation and deepening of good-neighborly relations between the two neighbor countries.

Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly Galust Sahakyan, in turn, hailed the inter-state relations with Georgia, and noted that that the Armenian-Georgian relations are at high level. Galust Sahakyan spotlighted the role of the inter-parliamentary ties in the development of inter-state relations.

He noted that since gaining independence the relations between the two countries have reached a high level, which is a stable basis for dynamic development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Galust Sahakyan also noted that Armenia and Georgia have chosen different ways of international political integration, but stressed that this cannot impede the further contacts and relations of the two countries.

Talking about cooperation in the cultural sphere, Galust Sahakyan noted that it has always been at the centre of attention, and it is natural, as the cultural ties of the two peoples and the historically formed common value system serve as a basis for the development of further cooperation. In that context the Armenian Parliament Speaker drew the Georgian side’s attention to the problems of preservation of Armenian cultural heritage on the territory of Georgia, and underlined that it is necessary to take urgent steps for restoration and conservation of Mughni Saint Gevorg, Saint Nshan and Saint Norashen churches.

Galust Sahakyan noted that 2015 will mark the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. He invited the Georgian MPs to take part in the events dedicated to the memory of the Genocide victims to be held in Yerevan in April. He expressed hope that the Parliament of Georgia would adequately refer to that crime perpetrated against humanity. “The condemnation and recognition of the genocide is of great importance in preventing crimes against humanity,” the Speaker noted.

In the course of the meeting the sides touched upon other issues of bilateral interest.

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