Erdoghan will lay wreaths of flowers at Tsitsernakaberd on April 24, Sargis Hatspanyan believes

Aida Avetisyan


What may be changed in Turkish-Armenian relations after the speech of RA President Serzh Sagsyan at the 69-th Session of UN General Assembly? Whether it is possible that Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdoghan visits Tsitsernakaberd on April 24.

Armenian-Turkish relations should be viewed from the angle of the logic of the statement RA President Serzh Sagsyan made at UN General Assembly, the Turkologist Levon Hovsepyan thinks, adding that his speech was a message to the international community about the failed processes. Exactly this may be treated to be a logical start up point for the Armenian side.     

The territorial expert Sargis Hatspanyan highlights the statement of RA President Serzh Sargsyan, mentioning that the message of the President at the UN General Assembly was aimed at changing Turkey’s stance at the UN General Assembly. April 24 of 2015 is approaching and Armenia should take initiatives. This was that very initiative.

RA President’s statement from the UN podium to ask this question to highlight and celebrate the release of the regional expert Sargis, President’s Address to the UN General Assembly’s position on changing the message.

As for the issue of Turkish President’s visit to Armenia, the expert believes that it is quite realistic; moreover he believes that accompanied with the delegation of Turkey’s political figures Erdoghan will visit Tsitsernakaberd on April 24 and lay a wreath of flowers on the monument commemorating the innocent victims of the Armenian genocide.

In spite of his optimistic views, Sargis Hatspanyan, however, refrained from predicting the future of the Armenian-Turkish relations after that.

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