Charles Aznavour: “We should concentrate our efforts to resist the wave of violence”

The concert of famous French-Armenian chansonnier will take tomorrow at “Crocus City Hall” of Moscow, Russian Federation. It will be held within the frames of concert tour dedicated to the 90th jubilee of Aznavour. The prominent chansonnier has already arrived in Moscow. Talking to journalists, he mentioned that the current occurrences worldwide evidence the fact of the increase of violence. “One should concentrate all efforts aimed at resisting the wave of violence,” one of the most famous Armenians told TASS news agency.

Earlier these days Al Jazeera published an article devoted to Charles Aznavour titled; “The last Polyglot philanthropist”.

“The 90-year-old chansonnier is a phenomenon in several aspects. The mode of his life is quite impressive,” the author of the article wrote, recalling that a couple of weeks ago Aznavour called on the French Government to accept as much Christian refugees from Syria and Iraq as possible, who are escaping from the persecutions of “Islamic state”. According to the author, being a son of immigrants, Aznavour has always been a symbol nostalgia towards the motherland; for example he has always been popular in Iran, Lebanon, Egypt and generally among the people of the Middle East countries

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