Armenia in the list of successful countries

What has Armenia gained during the 23 years of its independence? According to some international standards in the condition of geopolitical situations existing in 177 countries, our country, is in some respect, at an advantageous position in the in the post-Soviet territory, says sociologist Aharon Adibekyan.

In particular, we take the 104th place in the list worlds’ successful countries, the 101th place in terms of functionality. Although our country is in 95th place regarding the well-being, still with this index Armenia trials behind the former Soviet countries in terms of socio-economic problems and blockade.

According to psychologist Anna Badalyan, our country stands out for its strong characteristics and national features. 23-year-old Republic of Armenia is considerably successful young state.

The basic complications are due to the incomplete state of the economy, which affects the social situation, as well as the development or business conditions. However, the psychologist is optimistic about the future.

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