Air France cancels flight from Yerevan to Paris over employee strike

 Air France airline has cancelled the Tuesday flight from Yerevan to Paris over an employee strike, the company’s office in Yerevan said Monday, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the Air France’ office in the capital of Armenia, the company will try to bring all the passengers, who were planning to fly from Yerevan to Paris on September 16th, to their destination city with the help of another airlines. Information about other Air France flights is as yet unavailable. The flight from Yerevan to Paris operates six times a week.

A week-long strike by Air France pilots began on Monday as a protest against the company’s plans to transfer jobs to its low-cost subsidiary Transavia, which, according to the union, will negatively affect work and pay conditions.

Earlier, the airline’s chief executive Frederic Gagey said that the strike may cost Air France between $12.9 million and $19.4 million a day, depending on how many pilots decide to walk out.

According to a statement, published on the Air France website on Monday, the company expects to operate only 40 percent of its flights on Tuesday, and about 60 percent of the company’s 3760 pilots plan to participate in the strike.

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