How will the EU membership affect the IT sphere in Armenia?

Artak Barseghyan


Membership to Eurasian Economic Union may lead to both positife and negative results in our country, at least in the domain of Information Technologies (IT). Referring to this issue, the head of the Union of Information Technologies Enterprizes Karen Vardanyan told the reporters, that the existing problem has not undergone a due investigation and analysys by appropriate political and economic structures.

Speaking about the IT section, I can say that a considerable part of the companies involved in this sphere are keen to Russian market, while the other part /mainly the programming enterprises/ cooperate with American and Western companions. In case of the latter, the future complications in work process are not excluded, Karen Vardanyan thinks.

“The perspectives cannot be evaluated appropriately, as there is a lack of information, moreover, currently there are no institutions involved in the mentioned issue,” the Head of thye Union mentioned. According to him, companies engaged in complex engineering solutions are mainly associated with Russia, but in separate cases they can both win and  lose in equal proportions.

Actually, the development of IT sphere in our country is correlated with USA and Euroean partnership. On the other hand, there is a shortage of staff both in the West and Russia.

Vardanyan believes that the Armenian quality product of the field will find a demand also in the Eurasian market; this is just a matter of time.

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