Armenia in global publicity drive: BBC

Where in the world is Armenia? It’s a question that the country’s President, Serzh Sargsyan, is hoping to get more people around the globe to answer correctly.

He wants to mobilize the 10 million Armenians living abroad for a global internet publicity campaign to boost tourism and influence foreign investors.

Referring to the “One Armenian, One Article” campaign, the BBC reminds that the idea is to get expatriates to write positive stories about the country.

President Sargsyan and others behind the publicity drive say their country needs a higher profile, because many people struggle to recall anything about the nation.

“Enlisting people around the world who have Armenian roots to raise the country’s profile could prove effective. Famous people with connections to Armenia include the singer Cher, tennis player Andre Agassi, billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian and the late Steve Jobs of Apple,” the BBC reminds.

“The Armenian Diaspora sees itself in many ways as the second army of the Republic of Armenia,” says Aram Suren Hamparian, executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America, based in Washington DC.

“Armenians spread around the world and prospered wherever they went, and they haven’t forgotten their roots and they try to stay connected – and that is part of the soft power of the Armenian nation.”

In addition to boosting tourism, positive stories online could also catch the attention of possible foreign investors and to quote an old Armenian proverb: “Whatever the eye sees, the heart won’t forget.”

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