Greek Parliament will pass the bill criminalizing Armenian Genocide denial: MP

Artak Barseghyan
Public Radio of Armenia

MP Aragats Akhoyan is confident the Greek Parliament will pass the bill criminalizing the Armenian Genocide denial. According to him, the Resolution will be of moral and psychological significance rather than political and legal.

Speaking to reporters today, the lawmaker said “this initiative of the Greek parliamentarians could prevent the crimes against humanity in the future.” He added that the contemporary challenges suggest it’s time to proceed from international recognition to the elimination of consequences of the Armenian Genocide.

“The legal solution of the issue should start from the Turkish court, as our ancestors that suffered as a results of the Genocide were citizens of the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor of the Republic of Turkey,” Aragats Akhoyan said.

He reminded that the  property of Armenians in Turkey was estimated at 20 billion gold francs  in 1919, which is equal to 3 trillion USD today. “This sum is the pillar of the Turkish economy, and the Turkish society should also get used to the idea of reimbursement,” said the MP, who represents the Prosperous Armenia faction.

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