President Sargsyan’s congratulatory message on Emergency Worker’s Day

Dear workers and veterans of the Ministry of Emergency Situations,

I congratulate you on Emergency Worker’s Day.

The formation of your ministry was imperative to our country that had survived the Spitak earthquake and is still prone to various natural and man-made threats. As a newly established agency, the Ministry of Emergency Situations has not only managed to assert itself, but also to win our nation’s sympathy and trust as it has lived up to the highest international standards through professional work and consistent effort.

Today, thanks to you, our nation boasts a well-trained, constantly developing and expanding humanitarian structure. Our citizens are confident that your will help them, if needed, to cope with seemingly hopeless situations.

Having mastered a new crisis management culture, the Ministry boasts today outstanding achievements in the field of overall management, effective interagency cooperation and mobilization of nationwide resources to address challenges.

These achievements imply a great responsibility and maintained dynamics of growth. I can already see you implement my directive to provide high-quality services to remote, especially border communities.

Much has to be done yet in the fields of rescue service and seismic protection, safety standards, meteorological services, anti-hail services and in terms of upgrading the system of civil defense.

The ministry’s patriotic staff has the duty of not only safeguarding our citizens against disasters, but also against the threats coming from the unfinished war.

Reiterating my congratulations, I wish you could carry on with your high mission of protecting the population with the same sense of professionalism, skills and human dignity.

Please accept my best wishes of safe job for you and prosperity and happiness for your families.

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