Serj Tankian’s composition dedicated to Armenian Genocide to premiere in Glendale

Singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, poet and political activist Serj Tankian has chosen Lark Musical Society to premiere his new symphonic composition “100 Years” that he co-wrote with New Zealand composer John Psathas.

Tankian is best known as the front man for the heavy metal band System of a Down, whose music achieved worldwide recognition. Alongside his career as a singer/songwriter, Tankian has established himself as a composer, poet, multi-instrumentalist, and political activist.

The event will take place at the prestigious Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena on September 20, 2014.

Tankian and Psathas wrote “100 Years” for the centennial commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. Lark Musical Society will use it to mark the beginning of 100 events sponsored by Lark, in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

The program, titled “Perennial Pilgrims,” will also feature choruses from Wagner, Verdi, Tchouhadjian, Tigranian as well as two acts from Serj Tankian’s Orca Symphony.

During the coming year 100 events will mark Lark’s centennial commemoration, beginning with this two-part concert. First, we draw from the world of Opera. Taking selections of Verdi, Purcell, Wagner, Tchouhadjian, and Tigranian, The Lark Mastersingers under the direction of Maestro Vatsche Barsoumian, will present a multicultural expression of that universal nostalgia for home.

The second half follows with selections from Symphony No. 1 “Orca” by Serj Tankian, a melodic meditation on the wandering and lonely whale.

The evening will culminate with the fitting commemorative piece “100 Years,” the world premiere of the orchestral composition by Mr. Tankian and John Psathas. Lark Musical Society is deeply proud to partner with this active and passionate member of the Armenian community and internationally celebrated musician.

Lark Musical Society is a non-profit organization based in Glendale, California, dedicated toward the preservation and enrichment of classical and Armenian music through performance, education and research.

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