California Senate vote on Karabakh a cautionary punitive step against Azerbaijan

Lena Badeyan
Public Radio of Armenia

The California State Senate Resolution on Nagorno Karabakh was a cautionary punitive step of the West against Azerbaijan, President of the Armenian Institute of International and Security Affairs Stepan Safaryan told reporters today. According to him, the reason is the arrogance with which Aliyev demands from different international podiums to take the settlement of the Karabakh issue out of the OSCE Minsk Group framework and implement the four UN Resolutions.

“From the statements of the West and Aliyev’s reaction we see that he has crossed the Rubicon and is now receiving cautionary shots in his direction. The West makes it clear to Alieyv that he’s close to losing power,” Safaryan said.

Under these conditions Stepan Safaryan does not rule out that Aliyev could again incite escalation of the situation at the border. The analyst advises to seriously consider Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan’s proposal to launch a preventive strike against Azerbaijan.

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