Russia in the Customs Union: With or without Crimea?

Lena Badeyan
Public Radio of Armenia

No one obstacles Armenia’s accession to the Customs Union, no one creates artificial problems, and the impression that Armenia is not welcome to the Union is wrong, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to Armenia Ayimdoz Bozzhigitov told reporters today on the sidelines of the conference on “Nuclear Security.”

Asked to clarify whether Russia joins the Customs Union with or without Crimea, the Ambassador said: “The Customs Union was formed three years ago, and Russia joined it with internationally recognized borders,” Bozzhigitov said.

The Ambassador assured that the impression that Armenia is not welcome in the Union is wrong. “Kazakhstan has no requirement or complaint regarding Armenia. Kazakhstan has signed the roadmap of Armenia’s accession. There is no disagreement, resistance or delay,” he said.

The Customs Union actually covers an area with a total population of 180 million, i.e. it’s a large market without borders, where no customs duties will be charged. After the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union the movement of services, finances and human resources will even grow, the Ambassador said. “This is an exceptionally economic structure with no political goals,” he added.

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