Defense Minister: Media spread misinformation

“Rumors spread by the media on the penetration of subversive groups in the territory of Armenia do not correspond to reality,” spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page.

“The fact is that some of the units of Armenian Armed Forces conducted exercises. However, let us note that once again we face how the media spreads disinformation purely on its interests, in the course of which it may also promulgate a state secret, thus helping the enemy in a combat situation and the information space to gain an advantage over us.

We have repeatedly urged to refrain from spreading such misinformation, to clarify information before spreading it, to avoid supporting the enemy intentionally or negligently. Information about military operations or exercises contain some secrets the disclosure of which could seriously hamper the success of the action, even endangering the lives of people,” the statement said.

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