Putin: Armenia, Azerbaijan have good will to resolve Nagorno-Karabakh issue

Armenia and Azerbaijan have a good will to peacefully resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said Sunday at the meeting with the countries’ presidents.

“I state with pleasure that the president of Azerbaijan has pointed out the need to solve the problem peacefully, and you [Armenian president] have said the same just now. This is really of the outmost importance, because there is no greater tragedy than the death of people,” Putin said while meeting with his Azeri counterpart Ilham Aliyev and Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan.

“Any situation can be resolved if there is good will. It seems to me, both the Azeri people and the Armenian people have such good will,” Putin said.

The Russian President also said that Moscow respected the international format of resolving the conflict in the region and would continue its participation through close bilateral relations with both nations.

“Without doubt, we respect all these international formats and will continue to work with our colleagues. But we also take into account our close relations and deep history allowing us to honestly exchange opinions on where we are and what needs to be done to move forward in resolving the problems that we have inherited from the past,” Putin said.

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