Rasmussen: NATO has never planned to deploy military bases in Ukraine

“NATO has never planned to deploy military units in Ukraine and has never planned an attack on Russia,” NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in an interview with Ukrainian television, Correspondent reports.

Rasmussen recalled that back in 1997 Russia and NATO adopted a joint document that suggested the sides would never consider each other opponents or enemies and would never threaten each other. “NATO clearly adheres to this document, and I sincerely hope that Russia would do the same,” NATO Secretary General said.

According to him, when one reads in NATO Russian military documents, one can see that Russia considers NATO to be its enemy.

“We take this into account, adapt to this idea, and that’s why we had to strengthen our collective security. For example, we have increased air patrols over the Baltic States, as well as our naval presence in the Black and Baltic Seas. We conduct more military exercises in the East, in other words, we react and we will continue to strengthen our collective security in the future,” the Secretary General said.

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