Defense Ministry of Armenia: Any ceasefire violation will be severely punished

As of August 3, the situation on Karabakh – Azerbaijani contact line and Armenian – Azerbaijani state border remains tensed, informs the press service of the.

The Azerbaijani forces continue their attempts of diversions and of invading the positions of the Armenian Forces as well as the bombardment of Armenian forces and peaceful dwelling places by different weapons.

As a result of the response of the Armenian Forces the rival has been pushed back with human losses, all the shootings have been silenced. The RA Armed Forces and the NKR Defense Army Units are surely controlling the situation on the border.

The RA Defense Ministry has once again confirmed that the given situation is the result of the Azerbaijani authority’s military and political venturesome, from the military point of view ungrounded and proven by the vengeance policy, which leads to human losses from their own side. 
“Unfortunately the Armenian side has had losses too. The RA MoD expresses its condolences to relatives of all the soldiers who have dedicated their lives to their fatherland and calls on the Armenian society to keep them in their memories the names of those due to whom our rival suffers major losses.

The RA MoD regrets for the losses of both sides the responsibility of which is on the conscious of the military policy of Azerbaijan. As usual it is obvious that the lives of the soldiers mean nothing for the Azerbaijani authorities.

The RA MoD reminds that the actions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces contradict to the spirit and logic of the conflict settlement negotiations that are held in the frameworks of the OSCE Minsk Group. It also calls on the Azerbaijani side to refrain from situations which can escalate the future situation. Any case of ceasefire violation will be punished severely,” reads the statement of the RA MoD.

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