Experts consider the outcome of Turkish presidential elections is predetermined

Artak Barseghyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Experts say the outcome of the August 10 presidential elections in Turkey is predetermined with incumbent Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan expected to win the vote. They are not certain, however, whether Erdogan will win in the first or second round.

Receb Tayyip Erdogan, who has been at the head of the Turkish Government for eleven years, is preparing to rise to a new level in his political career. According to expert of Turkish studies Hakob Chakryan, Erdogan is conducting a rather populist policy, especially in the social field. Therefore, he says, the numerous scandals do not affect the Prime Minister’s rating.

Expert of Turkish studies Artak Shakaryan is confident that Erdogan’s recent decision not to speak to Obama any more is part of his pre-election tricks. Nevertheless, according to him, Erdogan’s antipathy towards Obama is reciprocal.

Shakaryan says the Turkish opposition actually has no arguments to block Erdogan’s way to presidency.  “Unlike the opposition, Erdogan not only speaks, but also works,” he told reporters in Yerevan.

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